Volume One – 2021

As we celebrate our first birthday, we want to take a few moments to show love to some of our favorite stories, styles and people that have helped shape our brand in year one. From the onset, we made sure to surround ourselves with talented people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen and who truly want every one around them to succeed.

We were fortunate in that aspect and we’re especially grateful for all the relationships and like-minded people we’ve met. Those who are hustling and making it their own way

It wasn’t long ago that both Mario & Donny were sleeping in their cars. Now Mario is one of LA’s most sought-after personal trainers and Donny is a rising star in the Yankees’ organization. Self-belief multiplied by hard work goes a long way.
Shooting with Gabe inside Freddie Roach’s legendary Wild Card Boxing Club is still a top moment for us. Gabe’s been so generous with his time and support and quite honestly inspires us every day with his relentless work ethic. (Which, by the way, is paying off…)


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We’re not sure what we love most about Kris; between his acting (currently filming for STARZ’ “Power Book IV: Force”), his pup, and his smooth style, the man is on his way. We were just getting started when we asked if we could shoot him in our gear. “Anything to help.” He’s that kind of person.
We’re pretty sure Danny was the second person ever (next to Mark) spotted on TV wearing MUNICIPAL. We loved that he has dedicated every waking moment to helping others get better. That really spoke to us. He connects so naturally – through expertise, wit, and confidence – with all his students, football’s future.
We have a sneaky suspicion that if you spend any time with Adele, you’ll immediately start pursuing all the things you’re passionate about. Because that’s exactly what she does. Consider it a fair warning.
Mike’s another self-made guy whose career path is paved with talent, passion, and hustle. His hands are so full of projects, he decided to open a shop in downtown San Diego where you can experience them all.

It's a good day for a good day

- Shannon, personal trainer at F45, every single day on her IG feed (@shandhelm).
We seriously owe Brenden, Bryan and Fernando. You know those friends who are always there to help you get out of a jam? That’s these guys; just non-stop positivity and energy.
Lastly, a compilation of MUNICIPAL styles in the wild.

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